Antislip water based kit

Antislip water based kit

SKU: wask100ml

 Our anti slip kits are easy to use and affordable. They come in a easy to use aerosol kit or the popular water based roller kit already used wildly in the bathroom industry receiving a C grade safety rating


    This kit allows for a antislip coating to be applied on shower trays and bathtubs and tiles, which will aid the prevention of slips trips and falls in wet and dry conditions


    conforms to BS7976-2:2002 achieving a low slip potential 

    Din 51097 class c rating

    independently uk tested and approved


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  • Application method

    step 1. place the cloth tablet in the promotor container and wait a few                  moments

    step 2. using cloth in promotor wipe clean the surface you wish to apply                the antislip to and let thoroughly dry

    step 3. using the masking tape provided mask off the area where you                    would like the antislip coating to be

    step 4. apply the antislip using the roller provided creating an even                       coating over the surface

    step 5. leave antislip to dry for at least 12-15 hr 


Color: White